Post-Operative Healing Process

When you wake up, you will find yourself in the post-operative observation unit (short stay unit) where you will be observed for a certain period of time. In that unit, your relatives will be able to see you, even if for a short period of time. After examined by your anesthesiologist and surgeons, you will be transferred to your room. Do not worry; you will completely come out of anesthesia within 3 hours after surgery. You will even be able to get up and walk. We will particularly want you to do this because early mobilization after surgery is something that we pay attention to.

These surgical procedures normally cause mild postoperative pain. However, since each patient has a different pain threshold, some patients may feel some pain. This pain does not constitute a serious problem, and can be easily eliminated with painkillers.

The next day in the morning, one of your surgeons will ask you to drink a radiological fluid and take an x-ray. In that x-ray image, you will see your newly formed sleeve stomach for the first time. Some centers do not take x-ray but we consider it to be important. By evaluating the newly formed sleeve stomach as well as fluid passage through it, we can predict whether the patient will suffer any problems in the postoperative period. After your x-ray test is performed, you will begin to drink water and clear liquids.

You will stay in the hospital for a total of 3 days including the day of surgery. You will constantly be given intravenous drip-feed during your stay in the hospital. We discharge our patients only after they become able to take adequate amount of fluid orally because you will not get intravenous drip-feed at home. Research studies have shown that dehydration, i.e. loss of total body water, is the most common cause for return of patients (discharged from hospital after sleeve gastrectomy) to hospital. Since we consider this to be important, we ask our patients to stay in the hospital for 3 days as a standard.

On the day of discharge, you will be given detailed information about the post-hospital period. You will also be given an informative booklet about the points to take into consideration, the medications that you need to use, and your diet program. After discharged, you will come for control examination at a date deemed suitable by your surgeons.

Actually, the day you decide to have surgery, you will be a member of our growing family. You will be able to reach us at any time throughout the post-operative follow-up period. We will meet for years and we will always stand with you during this success-oriented journey, for enabling you to regain your health.