Success Stories

Ulas Buyuk

He is 40 years old and lives in Istanbul. Four years ago, he had sleeve gastrectomy when his weight was 130 kg. His weight now is 75 kg, and he has been maintaining this weight for the last 3 years. He has completely gotten rid of many diseases obesity-related diseases. He takes high-quality and healthy nourishment. He regularly exercises 3 days a week. He is a traveler who has seen most countries in the world.

Gokce Uzel

Gokce UZEL is a 40 years old lawyer living in Ankara. She has tried many diets throughout her life but has regained more weight than she lost on every try. She had diabetes, hypertension and advanced fatty liver, disease, and she used many medications. Because of her excess weight, she had joint pains and even difficulty in walking. She had sleeve gastrectomy 3 years ago, when her weight was 192. She lost a total of 125 kg after surgery. Her life changed completely, and the quality of her life improved. She got rid of obesity-related diseases and medications. She now eats more consciously and exercises on a regular basis.

Yunus Emre Tuncel

He was 21 years old and his weight was 130 kg when he decided to have sleeve gastrectomy. With this decision, he also completely avoided the damages that would be caused by obesity in the future. Skiing (snowboarding in particular) is the biggest passion in his life. Life became more enjoyable for Yunus Emre, after he got rid of 55 kg of excess weight.

Hatice Iskender

Dear Hatice lives in Austria. When she was 19 years old and her weight was 117 kg, she decided to have sleeve gastrectomy. Even at that young age, she has already begun to suffer insulin resistance. 4 years passed after her surgery, and her weight is now fixed at 60 kg. Like every woman, she likes dressing well.

Mert Levent

Mert Levent is one of the most important DJs of our country, who has created a concept with the music he has played and gained international fame. It is now 3 years since he had sleeve gastrectomy operation for obesity. After starting with 175 kg, he lost 80 kg thanks to the operation.

Emrullah Alma

Emrullah was operated with 120 kg. He lost a total of 30 kg. Blood values are completely normal as a result of his 3rd-month control. Vitamin values are also good. He feeds properly, stays away from calories and does sports regularly.

Özdemir Erdoğan

Özdemir will complete his 2nd year after the operation. He weighed 115 kg when he had sleeve gastrectomy operation, but now he is 75 kg, and he lost 40 kg during 1 year after the operation. Together with this weight loss, his complaints such as insulin resistance, liver fattening and arthralgia completely disappeared.

Burak Erdem

Burak is about to complete his 2nd year. In the obesity surgery journey he started as 150 kg, he lost 60 kg.

Elizabeth Yahya

Elizabeth has completed her 3rd year. In the sleeve gastrectomy journey she started as 108 kg, she lost 55 kg in one year and she has been stable with 53 kg for a long time. She didn’t only get rid of 55 kg, but also recovered from insulin resistance and arthralgia.

Cem Uludere

It is now 1 year since Cem had the operation. He weighed 200 kg before the obesity surgery, now weighs 114 kg. He lost 86 kg in one year. We made his 1st year control. Insulin resistance is completely disappeared and liver enzyme highness caused by fattening is now recovered. Vitamin values are normal, one of the most important points is that Cem is now recovered from sleep apnea which troubled him very much.

Berkay Aydemir

Berkay was 18 years old and weighed 182 kg when we operated him. He had serious insulin resistance, high cholesterol and liver fattening at the age of 18. He is now 20 years old and a healthy young man as it should be after losing 85 kg.

Cüneyt Şahin

Cüneyt had an operation 2,5 years ago. He weighed 175 kg before the operation. He lost 85 kg and the weight he was required to lose to get his ideal weight was already 90 kg. Almost 100% success…

Töre Duman

Töre has completed her 2nd year. She was suffering from serious arthralgia due to her excess weight. She became 82 kg from 152 kg in one year. She is now free of knee pain and says she enjoys the life much more.

Hacı Sabancı

It is now 1 year since Hacı had sleeve gastrectomy operation. He has completely recovered from his excess weight. He finds himself healthier and more energetic.

Murat Aksu

Murat was operated 3,5 years ago as he weighed 125 kg. He lost 40 kg. He has recovered from obesity and he is free of obesity-related risks.

Ersin Esen

Ersin was operated as 170 kg 1 year ago. He lost 80 kg. He exercises regularly for 4 days of the week and has a healthy nutrition habit. As a conscious patient, he stated that there was no sagging in his body since he had regular exercise in the early postoperative period. We congratulate him.

Turgut Aksu

Turgut had sleeve gastrectomy operation with 175 kg. Our patient who lost 85 kg completed his 3rd year. Obesity is not fate, he now enjoys his healthier life.


Hayrettin Özkan

Hayrettin was operated when he was 24 years old and weighed 147 kg. He had excessive liver fattening and hypertension. Hayrettin lost a total of 63 kg.

Şevval Ateş

Şevval was operated 3 years ago when she weighed 115 kg. She lost 55 kg.

Çisel Tünaylı

Çisel is 25 years old. She is always smiling and positive. She weighed 112 kg when she decided to have sleeve gastrectomy operation 2 years ago. She lost 55 kg.