Surgeons We Slimmed Down

With its comorbidities, obesity is a global life-shortening epidemic. According to the last data from the Ministry of Health, 1 out of every 3 people in our country is obese. Even in the field of healthcare, we have colleagues, doctors who have struggled with obesity throughout their lives. Probably none of our colleagues would want to struggle with the problems caused by their overweight while distributing health to people. Surgical procedures are the most effective treatment of obesity.

SThe fact that physicians fighting obesity throughout their lives prefer bariatric surgery, although they are better equipped in the field of healthcare, is important in terms of awareness of other individuals in society. On the other hand, the fact that our colleagues choose us for this surgical procedure is also very meaningful.


Prof. Dr. Acar Tüzüner

Tüp mide ameliyatı yaptığımız hepatobilier cerrahi hocamız artık maratonlara katılıyor.



Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ilteris Tekin

Urologist His weight was 164 kg when he decided to have bariatric surgery.



Yesim Fenemen

General Surgery Specialist. Much of her life has been spent struggling with obesity.



Barbaros Uzuner

Orthopaedist He has followed numerous diets throughout his life but has regained more weight than he lost on every try. He has lost 100 kg with sleeve gastrectomy.


Fazilet Birben

Kadın-doğum hastalıkları doktoru hastamız, mide küçültme sonrası 3. günde süreci anlatıyor.